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Vocal & Stage Performance Classes

My teaching style focuses on vocal training, performance technique, achieving goals, and self-exploration.

"I believe everyone can sing"

Take a look at the selection of lessons and courses I provide and choose the right one for you.

New Student Singing Lesson


Everyone starts here.

Students will pick a favorite song that they can sing with a karaoke track. 

Assessment will be given and an evaluation of the students existing skills will be measured, (I.E. Tone, Pitch, Timing, and Vocal Range). Students will be assigned to a class level based on their strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. 

Short-term and long-term goals will also be discussed and a plan of action created to motivate singers toward growth.

These are 1-1 private singing lessons.

Retro Singer
Sheli Stevens beginner.png


Support your child's passion or encourage your own. In a safe, fun, and creative environment, students will learn a variety of skills from breathing and warm-up techniques to how to use the voice, body, and stage to create a dynamic performance. These techniques will teach proper warm-ups, vocal technique, and stage presence while instilling self-confidence.


• Proper breathing

• How to warm up the voice and body

• Proper phrasing

• How to control the vibrato

• How to translate a song's meaning and message

And lots of singing!


For students with some experience that would like to increase their range, develop vocal power, master their movement and engage their emotions.

Using simple exercises and vocal strengthening techniques, we will extend the range of your voice so you can hit more notes than ever before!

The secret to an amazing singing voice is power. This course will strengthen your voice and train you on proper breath control to give you maximum vocal power.

Stage Craft intermediate lessions.png
1945 white Sparkly.jpeg


For those working Pros who would like to tweak their skills and push past the limits to bring their performance to new levels. We will explore Phrasing, Breathing, and Controlling the Vibrato. I'm all about really "selling" the song by being authentic and connecting deeply with the audience. You are never too old to learn new tricks!

Competition & Audition Coaching


All Levels: Bring on your A-Game! I can help your competition song or audition stand out!
You’ll gain a lot from taking a Competition & Audition Coaching Workshop. Each session includes practical instruction, along with plenty of direction to make your performance stand-out.
Contact me to find out about availability.

Stage Craft Professional.png
Artist Performing on Stage

Stage Performance -Private Coaching


Bring your show to a whole new level by mastering the building blocks of Stage Craft: song interpretation, intentional movement, stage blocking, and focus. 
You will learn:
•    The benefits of adding movement and dance to help bring the song to life
•    How to move the body to create the visual part of the performance
•    How to “work the space” by using the whole stage
•    The importance of connecting with the audience

Contact me today to find out more about my current courses and classes.

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